Saturday, March 5, 2011

No one is beyond God's mercy..

Two weeks ago , we learn about the death of an Abortionist who fought for the lives of the unborn after God work a miracle in his heart. Here we have another Abortionist turn Defender for the Unborn, Dr. John Bruchalsk who has one of the largest free-standing pro-life medical practices in the country Tepeyac Family Center . Its a place where one combines the best of modern medicine with the healing presence of Jesus Christ, Dr. Bruckalsk explains to LifeSiteNews.

Message of Our Lady

A young woman from Belgium who was there praying for the pro-life cause told him that she had a message for him about Our Lady and began telling him things about his life.
“It was life changing for me.” says Dr. Bruckalsk
His conversion experience shows that “no one is
beyond God’s mercy, no one, no one,”
he said. “I was doing
the abortions because I believed it was the lesser of two evils, ... yet
I realized that people were just more broken after the procedure. There
might have been a brief respite from the stress and strain, but most
relationships broke up after the abortion.”

“The mercy of God was what truly penetrated my

We need to pray hard and fast and suffer now for the tide is turning. Don't forget that 40 Days for Life is starting on March 9th!

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