Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mac vs. PC:

So which one do you choose? Everyday, we have choices to make. From Mac vs. PC , to sugar or no sugar in the coffee to white or wheat , .. this can go on for ever. Many of us will not have to make a life or death choice such as to abort or not.

But Joanne Schieble had to make a life or death choice, as an unmarried student, she becomes pregnant and can't marry the father of her unborn child. She had to make a choice. Does she abort the child , keep the child or give him up for adoption.

All you MAC owners , all you who have in one way or another been blessed with an Apple that has help your life in someway or another, say Thank you to Miss Joanne Schieble, who decide to give her son up for adoption to the lovely couple Paul and Clara Jobs, who name the boy, Steve . Steve Jobs was given the greatest opportunity ever, to live and to live to the fullest!

Thank you, Miss Joanne Schieble and all of you who choose Life today and everyday.

May Steve Jobs rest in peace and giving thanks to his mother!

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